Ickenham aerials are specialists in the design & installation of domestic and commercial TV/FM/DAB/SAT/CCTV distribution, Multipoint, Magic Eye & Playback Systems, MATV / SMATV / IRS systems, Home Cinema / Home Automation systems. Installers of new TV aerial & radio aerials for digital Freeview television & DAB aerials / FM, extra TV points and digital aerial upgrades.



  • Standard television aerials (analogue)

  • FREEVIEW television aerials (digital)

  • FM & DAB radio aerials (analogue & digital)

  • FREEVIEW boxes (supplied and installed)

  • Satellite systems (Sky / Foreign / Adult)

  • Home distribution / playback systems

  • CCTV systems (view pictures on any TV)

  • Repairs + fault finding


  • Master Antenna Television systems (MATV)

  • Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)

  • Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

  • Conversions for digital switchover

  • Hotel / hospital distribution systems

  • System maintenance contracts

  • System design + prefabrication

  • Market Eye Reuters systems

We often find that when we are called out by a new customer, the reception problems are due to simple things such as loose connections, poor quality flyleads / sockets or incorrectly setup equipment. These problems can be fixed quickly and easily. We also find that in some cases the problems are due to incorrectly setup or tuned equipment, and in one or two cases (mentioning no names of course) we find that the problems are because the power isn't on at the wall socket, or the flylead has been pulled out! It's definitely worth double checking these items before you ask us to come and fix it.

Below is a quick explanation of the types of materials we use, and why we use them. As you can see from the details below, we won't ever use poor quality materials, and we won't ever rush our work. Due to this we can't usually provide the cheapest quote, but you can be sure that we will do the job properly unlike many other companies.


Where a new aerial is required, we only use the best quality aerials available and not the cheap "contract" types that most companies use. All our aerials are high quality branded aerials (Antiference / Triax / Wolsey / Fracarro) which are far superior and are even more important nowadays for Freeview reception due to the good impedance matching and rejection of impulse interference.


All the cables we use have been approved by the Confederation Of Aerial Industries (CAI), meaning they have been benchmarked and are of a high quality. We currently use Webro WF100 which is one of the best available. Beware of other companies using cheap "low loss" or "satellite grade" cable. It's rubbish, it's cheap and nasty, and it's only good for taking the dog for a walk or tying things down in the van. Even our flyleads are made from WF100 or a similar spec "copper on copper" cable.........it's important.


The brackets we use are all fully hot dipped galvanised, which means they won't rust or discolour. This also means they maintain strength and look good even after years and years of being exposed to the elements outside. Virtually everyone else uses "painted" brackets which look fine for a few months, then start to go brown and eventually rust quite badly weakening them and leaving a nice brown streak on your chimney / wall. We won't ever use painted brackets!

Masts / Poles

We are quite fussy about the type of mast we will use. We have seen so many installations that have been installed on woefully inadequate masts. We have even seen a large heavy high gain aerial installed on a 10ft long, 1 inch diameter mast. Unbelievable! Check out our rogues gallery to see it for yourself. All our domestic use masts are made from aluminium due to the anti corrosion and weight properties, and we make sure that the diameter and gauge are more than sufficient for the load imposed on it. For example, our 6ft aluminium masts are all 1.25inch diameter, and 16 gauge. Our 10ft masts are all 1.5inch diameter and 16 gauge. Our 16ft masts are 2inch diameter and 14 gauge. These are far superior to what most other aerial installation companies use, and they won't rust or discolour either which means the installation will retain it's professional look and it's strength in years to come.

Amplifiers / Wall Sockets / Connectors

Like everything else we use, our amps, wall sockets and connectors are the best available. We use tried and tested reliable branded amplifiers only, all our wall sockets are FULLY screened, and all our connectors are the top quality type. This means they won't fall off, become loose or get easily damaged like their cheaper counterparts. Our coaxial plugs are all aluminium and made by Antiference. Our F connectors are all of the crimp type (the best) and these are made by Webro (Belden). It costs us a small fortune to use these over cheaper types, but we think it's definitely worth it. Why do a good job and then skimp on the small details?

Customer Service

Lastly, our business only works because of customer recommendations, so we want to make sure ALL of our customers are happy. If you have used us and like what we do, please recommend us to your friends, colleagues & relatives. If you weren't happy with us for ANY reason, please let us know so we are aware of areas where there is room for improvement.

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