Ickenham aerials are specialists in the design & installation of domestic and commercial TV/FM/DAB/SAT/CCTV distribution, Multipoint, Magic Eye & Playback Systems, MATV / SMATV / IRS systems, Home Cinema / Home Automation systems. Installers of new TV aerial & radio aerials for digital Freeview television & DAB aerials / FM, extra TV points and digital aerial upgrades.



This is the part of our site where we can see some examples of what the cowboys in our trade have been up to lately. We get called to many different jobs in different areas, and everywhere we go there are bodge jobs which make us cringe. Here on this site we put photos of the worst examples of these.

Some of the things we see make us wonder what goes through the heads of some people. It seems some just couldn't care less whether they do a good job or not, some are just plain lazy, and some appear to deliberately do a poor job (perhaps to generate more work in the future). Whatever the reason, it's inexcusable and in many cases it's actually quite dangerous.

We welcome anyone who wants to send in their own (good quality) photos of dodgy aerial installations they have come across. If they are really good we will put them up on here for everyone else to see.

Click the small photos below to see the bigger picture and a little explanation where appropriate. These pictures will open in a new window so just close each one after you have viewed it. If you have any comments about these please feel free to email us and discuss them.



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