This isn't a bad bodge really, more a case of what happens when you try and save money by getting things repaired on the cheap when they should really be replaced. This was actually the aerial on top of the cottage where I spent a weeks holiday this year. The reception was awful, almost unwatchable. I don't watch a lot of television (in my spare time anyway) and people generally don't watch TV on their holidays but how the owners could think this was acceptable is beyond me.

The aerial I'm on about is the one on the left. For starters it's a cheap and nasty "contract aerial" and the cable is wrapped around the mast, and around the brackets, and around the lead flashing - strange. The top bracket looks like it's been replaced recently, and not happy with only doing half a job, the installers have used the wrong type of bracket which means the aerial is now leaning at an angle. There was a split made to feed a bedroom, which was just wires twisted together and tape wrapped around. The sockets inside were cheap unscreened and the flyleads kept falling out.

I mean the price for a proper installation with new cabling to the two rooms would equate to about two days rental income, but still this eyesore remains providing terrible reception. Needless to say I had a whinge about it to the owners and I reckon they will either now a) Get it sorted or b) Screen potential holidaymakers to ensure no aerial riggers stay there again. Bloomin' moaners they are!