This house suffered from strange reception problems. One TV point was almost acceptable, another was ok about half the time, and the rest were hopeless. I asked to look at the first TV point and then went outside to see where the cable was coming from. Then I found the above. This is what you don't want to find. It normally means a total re-wire is required. The socket inside was duly prised away and below is what was inside. The electricians had been busy wiring all the sockets in the house to one another, ring main style. Impedence mismatches, signal losses and upset customers are a given when things are wired like this. The electrician here had an ingenious idea to bypass the fact that two wires do not fit easily into one socket, and you've got to give him some credit for getting the braid all nice and tidy...... We had to rewire each point individually (with WF100 not the cheap stuff used here) and finally good reception was available to all TV points!!