What a disaster zone. I think I can see what's happened here, but I could be wrong.

Note the spare bracket still attached to the chimney. Perhaps this aerial became loose, and the customer got someone in to "fix" it cheaply. It looks like they have fitted the newer strap and bracket below and fixed the old aerials into this. Everything here is wrong. The brackets are cheap pressed ones, the top lashing kits are sharing the same corner plates, and the bottom one doesn't even have corner plates. Whoever put in the bottom lashing seemed to realise that it would be a bad thing to do this up to the correct tension, so they have decided to leave it loose in an effort to prevent too much damage to the corner bricks. Of course this has meant that the tension is nowhere near enough and as a result the aerials are leaning over quite badly. The other side was even worse with a large high gain Triax aerial (totally unnecessary) fixed to the top course of bricks and "secured" in several places with string.