Poor reception was the reason we were called to this job. The customer had some aerial work carried out by another company a few years back, and they couldn't understand why the reception was now so bad. We discovered that the old (damaged) aerial had been reused and the wiring was a disaster zone. This was the way they joined the aerial feed to the 2 downleads. It's a unscreened internal splitter which should never be used in this way. The tape will never prevent water from getting in, even if it is under the soffit. We had a bit of a job convincing this customer that the whole lot needed replacing as it was only done a few years earlier. Due to their poor reception, they had assumed that only some Freeview channels were available in their location. It was nice to pack away and retune their Freeview receiver bringing in all the channels nice and strong. At least this time it will stay that way!